Friday, May 16, 2008

About the blog

In my house we have a term for the feeling that can come over you after work when you are too tired to think about anything at all, including dinner. You would rather sit on your bum and stare at the tv, and it is always nice if someone will listen to you while you whine about how hard it is to be you. We call this being "moosy." I don't know what the moose did to deserve being associated with this bad attitude, but such is life.

This blog is about my determined efforts to feed the moose who live in our home. My ultimate goal is to have 365 days of (mostly) unique recipes that are a culinary trifecta (cheap, easy to make and tasty). I am a planner by nature, but I have no desire to sit down daily or weekly for the rest of my life and think about what we are eating. I want to come up with what works, have a great variety of options, and be done with it!

My posts will reveal the fact that I am not a very good cook. I pay too little attention to the directions, and I substitute freely. The result can be good or bad, as you can imagine. Perhaps I will improve my cooking skills a bit over time since now (theoretically) the whole world will be watching me cook. Or perhaps you will just get a few laughs from my mishaps. Either way, I'm happy.

You will notice that I will give things a rating between 1-4 for each of the following categories: cost, time and taste. Please click here for a detailed understanding of the ratings.

You may notice that there are some ingredients that rarely or never show up on this blog. We rarely cook with ground beef. Instead, we tend to eat ground turkey. We also eat turkey bacon.

We never cook with sour cream, fresh spices (simply too expensive for us), green bell peppers, cucumber and mushrooms.
We rarely cook with ground beef, but instead prefer ground turkey. We also substitute turkey bacon for regular bacon.


Laura said...

I gotta as about the veggie leave-outs? Texture is off? Allergies By the way, super excited about this blog, it's gonna be is already, I mean. :) Tom and I are pumped. But if I'm gonna be committed, I want to fully understand all the details. :)

Feed the Moose said...

I had to go back and re-read the post to remember what I don't like!

Green bell pepper: taste
mushroom: texture
cucumber: blech! I hate the taste and the texture (oddly enough I love pickles)

leslie said...

Why no sour cream??

Feed the Moose said...

Well, Tim detests sour cream so we have never used it, and because of that I eat sour cream very rarely, to the point where now I don't like it, either!

Bella said...

I'll be watching!