Saturday, May 24, 2008


It may give you some insight into my work ethic to see that I'm going on vacation a week after launching my blog. In defense of myself, the vacation has been planned since late February and the blog was conceived in my head a few weeks ago.

We are headed to Destin for 4 days of playing in the sand, followed by my much younger sister's high school graduation. The finale will be a trip to Huntsville for hangout time with my BFF and her new baby, the littlest rootie-toot.

Before you begin to wallow in despair at my time away from the computer, please know that I have planned for my absence! There will be three more recipes posted next week for your inspiration (possibly) and your entertainment (most likely).

By the way, if you have recipes that you think Tim and I should try, send them my way and we'll add them to our pile.

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Lisa J.B. Peterson said...

How was the trip? I'm jealous! I want to play in the sand! Although, I can't complain too much - it has been gorgeous up here in Boston the past few days.

I am appreciating the IDEA of your blog, although I am terrible in the kitchen. I am sure at some point you will inspire me to make something great and Scott will be dumbstruck! :)