Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pumpkin fruit dip

Recipe name: Pumpkin Fruit Dip
Source: Pioneer Woman Cooks
Servings: 8 (ish)

I had some canned pumpkin and some plain yogurt sitting in my refrigerator with no purpose this week. Basically, they were just sitting around waiting to expire. Then I read a post by The Pioneer Woman Cooks that gave lots of ideas for uses of plain yogurt. One suggestion had a fruit dip that used yogurt and pumpkin puree. Perfect!

Here's what I did:
Combine roughly equal parts of plain yogurt and canned pumpkin. Add powdered sugar to taste (I was making a rather large batch of dip, so I believe I used at least 3 tbsp of powdered sugar). Combine together with a spoon or spatula and chill.
I have some apples in the crisper drawer that I'm going to use with this dip. I can't wait!


Sara said...

I love anything with pumpkin in it!

Emily ~ Little Window Shoppe said...

I am getting so excited about pumpkin and spice this fall. I am going to try this out. Thanks!