Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ideas needed for party food

Tim and I have decided to host an election party, and we'd like to have an array of appetizers on hand for guests to sample. I would love to get recipe ideas from anyone who reads this. Please share with me your favorite recipes to serve to company. Remember, I'm not making any main dishes, but instead will offer small bites of several things. Dessert ideas are welcome, too! Just post your recipes or recipe links in the comments section. I really appreciate your help!


Stacey said...

Great idea to host a party! Here are some very simple, very good recipes. Bruschetta: and this recipe (chicken enchilada dip) and this recipe (spin art squares) / are always a crowd pleasers. This beer dips is requested for every party I attend:

katie said...

Did you see the pizza bites I posted last week? They are great party food!

leslie said...

This sounds like so much fun !! Wish we could go!

Here's that eggplant spread that Tim liked: Roasted Eggplant Spread

I like those Nancy's Petite Quiche things (they have them at Target, Sam's, etc.) but if you didn't want to buy a big box you could make your own! I know you make a mean Quiche Lorraine, so you could get a mini muffin tin and make them in that! Like this: Mini Quiche


divinitygirl said...

hey kids,

here are a couple of recipies i LOVE. they are both things you can make ahead, and both are YUMMY!

the first is a martha stewart recipe for bacon-wrapped, cheese-stuffed, dates. i use feta or goat cheese instead of stilton:

the next is for oreo bon bons. instead of using the baking chocolate and melting chocolate suggested, i just go to the baking aisle and get 1 package of white chocolate bark and 1 package of milk choclate bark. i microwave according to the instructions to melt and make some white chocolate ones with milk chocolate drippings and vice-versa.

happy cooking!

p.s. are you going to post the ground turkey taco casserole you served us? we'd love the recipe!

divinitygirl said...

okay, sorry i pasted a landscaping company's address TWICE in your blog instead of the intended recpies. here are the sites i was talking about: