Friday, June 13, 2008

Huevos Rancheros

Recipe name: Huevos Rancheros
Source: no idea
Servings: 2
Cookbook date: June 10
Date prepared: June 9

4 eggs
1 tbsp olive oil
4 tortillas
1 cup monterey jack cheese
salsa, to taste.
scramble eggs. add some cheese. meanwhile, heat tortillas on skillet with a dab of oil. add egg mix to each tortilla, add more cheese. add a small amount of salsa. top with another tortilla.

What can I say about this dish? It is a culinary trifecta, in my opinion (cheap, fast, and good). You need to be in the mood to basically eat some jazzed up scrambled eggs for dinner, but if you are, you will find your perfect dish right here. The only drawback to making this dish on a weeknight is that you don't have any leftovers to take to work the next day.



Mary Ann said...

About the curried carrot spread- it was mild overall, with occasional spots that were more filled with curry flavor. The next day we spread it on a wrap and filled it with greens, tuna, garbanzo beans, and celery, with a little vinaigrette. That was good~ I like the idea of huevos rancheros! I will have to try it!

Goo Goo Buy Buy... said...

I'm really digging yoru blog. Can't wait to try out some of your recipes, and I'll definitely give you a shout out on Goo Goo Buy Buy.

You've inspired me. This weekend, I was going through some of my cookbooks, and I'm making it a priority to try out some new meals from them. If we like what I fix, I'll keep the cookbook. But if not, it's out the door. We don't need the clutter.

Feed the moose said...

Mary Ann and Goo Goo Buy Buy, thanks so much for the comments! It really makes my day to hear that my blog is inspiring some new ideas in other kitchens.
Readers of this blog (the few, the proud!) please check out these ladies' blogs; they both rock and I enjoy reading them.