Thursday, August 14, 2008

Miniature Rootbeer Float

Recipe name: Miniature Root Beer Float

Ice cream (preferably Dreyer's Root Beer flavor!)
Root Beer
wee little glass

I know, this shouldn't even count as a recipe. All I'm sharing with you today is a classic 2 ingredient dessert, only in a petite version. But seriously, I think this is genius! Root beer floats are perhaps my favorite guilty pleasure in the whole world. I recently discovered that the size of the root beer float doesn't matter too much to me. So I've re-purposed my juice glasses to become my nightly (um, yeah, I'm serious) root beer float glasses! I get to have all of the joy of a rootbeer float experience and about 1/4 of the guilt! Rock!


Meredith said...

Good idea!

(And I had never heard of root beer float ice cream, either.)

Feed the Moose said...

Here's a link to the flavor. It is limited edition (it will be gone at the end of the month!)

Katie said...

Wow I must get some of that ice cream...

Great idea, I usually only drink the top 1/4 of my root beer float anyway. What do you do with the rest of the root beer? I would think it would be too flat to use the next night?

Feed the Moose said...

Well in my house 2 of us indulge in the miniature rootbeer floats, so that uses up more of the drink, itself. I've also found that I don't mind it if it goes a little flat when it is in a float. I would say that between the rootbeer floats and the sips here and there throughout the day, the can of rootbeer is gone in 24-36 hours.

Jenny said...

Those are so cute Tiffany! I love anything mini! My boys LOVE root beer floats, I'll have to get some little glasses.